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11 years has gone by and here we are...

Picture of my Great Great Aunt of 118 years Old and Cousin- What a Blessing it was.

Its been 11 years and here we are. We have passed the 2, 5 and 7 year mark where challenges were known to arise and unfold within a relationship and we made it through with tears, struggles and laughter. But now, we are at 11.

It was just months before our 11th anniversary when I had that deep sense that something was going on. Where spirit informed me that you, my partner, my lover, my best friend was not fulfilled. This awareness was the next journey within our relationship to learn and see where spirit will take us. So, trusting spirit allowed me to do so, and so I asked you and it was true. You expressed with difficulty of the unknown feeling that was arising but didn't know what to think or do. So, that was when I began to really follow through with my gut and listen to what spirit informed me.

Doing So, I set you free. Acknowledging that you are more than my partner but you are also my soul mate and journeyer. Therefore, stepping aside to follow what you feel called to do where your heart and spirit meets and for you to rediscover the gap of fulfillment within you. During this time I was away, I did struggle asking spirit where is the lesson for me during this moment. It was "Trusting & Surrendering to Love". Trusting that I am capable of connecting with that love within me and surrendering to it where it is in every moment of existents.

During this time/journey, I traveled and reunited with my family in Cuba. It was like a huge pillow of love. I have learned so much and felt the love that exist deep within them where it was just the way of "Being". It has been 11 years exactly since I last seen my family and interesting enough it was also that moment when I first met "Him - my soul journeyer". I realized the alignment of how things began to unfold where not only reuniting with the family but then I have also learned so much of myself and my purpose. Yes, I know everyday I am learning more of who I am and my purpose but, Cuba provided me an example. I learned of my ancestral roots and how many of the women were known as midwives, spiritual and plant medicine healers.

I discovered that their healing and helping was all linked with the power of Love & Trust. See, there is a catch because where there is love there is trust. Its not the other way around. Love gives us the chance to trust, believe and the strength to let go. Love is deep, it is the first vibration we begin with at the moment of birth (even prior to birth). And this was tapping into the depths of healing my love life within me.

As I learned a good percentage of my family lineage I also learned the imbalances that existed within me. Where my attachment and commitment was a veil of something deeper, where having someone in my life that acknowledges me was good enough but truthfully I had the difficulty of acknowledging myself. Where it was identity and self. I knew that I didn't like being defined by a title or what I do. For example, "Hi, my name is Katherine and I am a Holistic Practitioner" but instead it was really saying "who am I?" I loved being introduced as "Hi, this is my partner Katherine" and that was good for me. I didn't have to worry about anything else, I allowed my work to show itself while I was working and in my social life (which was not much) I allowed my partner to introduce me. That was good. So that was it, Who is Katherine? Every day I gave myself the chance to just really feel out the moment of Being. As I journal I learned how I was shaping myself based on the environment back in the US. I couldn't really be me, unless I was with really close & old friends. Well there goes the next step, BEING ME now and forever. Returning home and putting into action of going for what I love to do, it doesn't matter if it is an hour away to DO IT or just saying what I really FEEL.

By doing so, much has unfolded and new friends has arose from it. Yes, being me felt great. I didn't have to hide behind an "ideal image or attitude" I can just be me. My friends from home expressed to me, "You look so different and You seem so Alive" and "Wow, Hey East Coast I hear the accent". It feels amazing. While all of this was being discovered I also acknowledged the journey of my fellow soul mate. Honoring and supporting him as much as possible to continue in his healing and rediscovery.

By me following my truth provided me the opportunity to truly witness him and fully support him. Although as usual the Universe loves to remind us of the lesson within the journey. So yes, the learning continues even beyond the relationship. See we have this image in our head called "Expectation". There is an 80% chance of being disappointed based on what one may expect to happen and it doesn't happen exactly how you wanted it to be.

So there has been many moments of that within the first 2 months being back. So we continued supporting each other and hold space for one another. We reminded each other of this unique journey we are on and how this journey called LIFE is much bigger. Where it wasn't just about being in a relationship with someone it is also about learning and growing within this Spiritual Human Life.

Today, our journey continues. Right now we are separated based on a title. But we say we are in a space of transitioning within our relationship and discovering the depths it holds for us and for generations to come.

Stay tune as the journey of the depths of Love goes on.

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