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The Attempt of Organization in Space and Letting GO

Most of the time we are looking at a way to structure or organize our life, from our belongings, office space, our dresser over filled with cloths and even the inside of our car. We try our best to move things around, hoping it will just stay the way we leave it.

But 90% of the time it returns to its messiness, scattered, or even misplaced.

One huge example is our Car, our 2nd home on wheels. Our car is like a back up closet, purse, or even a traveling locker. We want to be prepared and have that back up equipment or even that plan B clothing swap.

Each extra space, room, closet, & attic/basement is that safety net. Is that "Just in Case” or "I might need this later in the future". Where truthfully, it’s the feeling of being safe.

Our living room, kitchen, bathroom, basically our public rooms are those open spaces where we are ok to limit information or belongs. Where most of the time we know these rooms must always be clean, clear and definitely open floor space. These spaces are where family and friends join us and enjoy what is in their surroundings too. But when one of those days arrive where we are just exhausted and can no longer keep a clean space even in our public rooms most of the time we are in a place where we hit the wall of burn out/exhaustion or the feeling of not caring at all.

How can we address this prior to it happening? How is that we can help ourselves prior to that burn out?

See in the Chinese Philosophy, they have this approach of Feng Shui. Where your environment is your energy, is your life, and is how everything flows in and out. Feng Shui is from the placement and structure of our rooms. Knowing that we cannot do much with the movement of our door way or windows are furniture is one of the main things that can be adjusted and moved.

So if you look into your bedroom or even your closet, how does it feel? Does it feel open, spacious, cluttered, overwhelmed, or even plain? Yes, its true we can just add more things to make it feel cozy, or pick up and sweep to have it clean. Or even moving things out the way to make things look like open space. But what is it that you feel?

Our bedroom is the most sacred and important room of the house. This is where our body relaxes completely, where you are breathing in the air for more than 7-10 hours a day/night. Does your room feel like things/air circulate? If not, no worries. Because by you just noticing is a big step truthfully it is already "A Step".

I can go on in explaining or describing where I am getting. But the main purpose of this blog today, is to create awareness by you noticing your own feeling, your own sense of your sacred space. Where that same feeling can also be applied towards your closet, your living room and even your garage.

My questions to you as you begin to analyze your room/closet/space:

What are you holding onto, that you truthfully may no longer need?

When was the last time you used it or wore it?

What is the connection or attachment you have with this item or clothing?

Do you really see yourself utilizing it within the next few days or probably next 4-6 months?

Are you ready to let it go?

Are you Open to experiencing Change in your life?

The above-mentioned questions are just a way for you to connect and see if these items or clothing are really something you still need in your space but it is also asking if you are ready to let go of whatever memories it may be attached to as well.

The attempt of organizing is also a way of you connecting of what really feels good for you. If there are areas in your life that you notice you continue to experience discomfort, low self-esteem, or even sadness.

Clearing and moving things out is a good start by letting things go that no longer serves you. I hope you enjoyed this long but brief discussion on Space/Feng Shui.

Stay tuned for upcoming Blogs - As this is the first of many more to come.

Please comment below, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Feng Shui you can reach me directly at

Written by K.Mesa

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