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Concerned or Curious on what is going on?

We are offering our community the opportunity to ask our Founder, Holistic Health practitioner Katherine Mesa 3 questions regarding areas within physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Katherine Mesa,

Founder, Holistic Health Speaker & Practitioner

Katherine, is a practitioner and speaker within Holistic Counseling, Elemental Body Awareness, Ayurvedic Medicine & Conscious Living. She travels throughout the United States offering holistic health pop-up talks and clinics. Providing insights on how to create balance by being aware of one's body's symptoms and acknowledging that it is the voice for ones emotional & spiritual body.

Interested in diving in on what is it your body and mind is stating. Below is our question form, where you can submit 3 questions to be answered for free.

Blessings & connect with you soon

Your Questions:

Within Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

i.e.: Specific pain, emotional patterns and/or energetically drained



Email Address*

Question No. 1*

Question No. 2

Question No. 3

Contact Info:

Love & Awareness

Katherine Mesa

Phone: (707) 843-8089


Book with Katherine:

~ Ayurvedic Pulse Consult

~ Holistic Health Consult

~ Somatic Assessment

~ Somatic & Lymph Bodywork

~ Intuitive Dream Interpretation

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 10-5pm

Sat: 11-4pm

Sun: Closed

Seasonal Services Offered throughout:

New Jersey/NYC


New England - Boston Area

New Mexico - Taos

Miami, Florida 

  • Same day booking available
  • Phone Consultations
  • Zoom Sessions Available
  • In-Person Sessions
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